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Introduction - From fulfilling the WFD requirements to actual implementation and uses of results of monitoring.

1. Context and objectives
In the context of preparation of the second WFD river basin management plans, which include a review of the monitoring networks and programmes, a workshop is organised on this topic in the frame of the next conference of the EUROPE-INBO (November 13, 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria).
The primary objective is to compare practices and practical experiences of monitoring, and promote the interactive exchange of questions and solutions. Those elements will support implementation of the revised WFD compliant monitoring programs, to build up longer term reflections on operational aspects and to guide prospective studies.
The workshop also addresses the need for explanatory elements of monitoring strategies followed by Member States, to go beyond the descriptive aspects of data which somehow limited the assessment by the European Commission on 1st reporting.
Finally, this workshop is to be seen as one kind of peer review on the implementation of the WFD as desired by the European Commission in the Blueprint to safeguard Europe's water resources.
2. Contents and format
After a general plenary session presenting feedback at EU level from the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency but also from two Member States, three themes will be covered thanks to quick introductory presentations and participative works in groups.
The topics to be investigated during the workshop will be the following:
(i) - Purpose of monitoring programmes :
(ii) - Organisation and the role of actors, from data collection to their use :
(iii) - Monitoring strategies :

See below the papers of the workshop.
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