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Dear INBO World Liaison Bureau Members and dear friends,
I propose to convene the next meeting of the World Liaison Bureau:
- On WEDNESDAY 21 OCTOBER 2015 from 17:30 (sharp) to 19:00 at Thessaloniki.
The agenda of this Bureau meeting will be sent to you as soon as possible, but will deal mainly with:
  • INBO participation on the official "day on Water and climate change adaptation" during the COP21 in Paris next 2 December 2015 and the signature by basin organizations of a document calling for "Commitments for climate change adaptation in basins",
  • Organization of our next INBO World General Assembly in 2016 in Mexico,
  • The agenda and the "Declaration" of our "EUROPE – INBO" conference 2015, 
  • the organization of our next "EUROPE – INBO" conferences, in 2016 in Lourdes (France) and 2017in Dublin (Ireland),
  • Launching of the candidatures to host the "EUROPE– INBO" conference in 2018,
  • The events organized by INBO or associating INBO in 2016 – 2017,
  •  Report of INBO participation in the last 7th World Water Forum in Daegu (South Korea) in April 2015, 
  •  The activities of the Regional Networks represented, 
  •  Miscellaneous issues:
 - the next "INBO Newsletter N° 24" for January 2016,
 - the development of the website : www.inbo-news.org,
 - the PTS budget for 2016,
 - the INBO's account closing for fiscal year 2014.
 As usual, you will find all the working papers for this meeting on the www.inbo-news.org website.
I recommend you to visit the www.inbo-news.org website where any last useful information, the last version of the detailed program and the already received papers, as well as the drafts of the final declaration will be progressively available.
 These documents will not be distributed in Thessaloniki, so I kindly request you to have a look at them before your departure.
During the 13th International Conference « EUROPE-INBO 2015 » from 21 to 24 October 2015 in Thessaloniki (Greece)