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All the Handbooks on Basins Management



Financing Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins
Preparing Bankable Projects


Financing CC





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The Handbook on Water Information Systems.
Administration, Processing and Exploitation of Water-Related Data

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The handbook for the Participation of Stakeholders and the Civil Society
in the Basins of Rivers, Lakes and Aquifers

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Water and climate change adaptation in transboundary basins:
Lessons learned and good practices

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The Handbook for management and restoration of aquatic ecosystems
in river and lake basins

Handbook on protection, restoration and management of water/aquatic ecosystems

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Manual para la gestión integrada de los recursos hídricos de las cuencas transfronterizas de ríos, lagos y acuíferos

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Manual para la Gestión Integrada de Recursos Hídricos en Cuencas

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Report on Experiences of Transboundary Basin Organizations in Africa.
Good practices and recommendations

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Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems



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