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Conseil Mondial de l'Eau, OiEau, The Nature Conservancy, RIOB

In the framework of the IUCN World Conservation Congress currently being held in Marseille from 3 to 11 september, the World Water Council (WWC), the International Office for Water (OiEau), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and the International Network of Basin Organisations (INBO) are launching an initiative for signatures of the Declaration “No water security without ecological security / No ecological security without water security”.  

It calls for a reinforced dialogue between the water and nature communities and commit the signatories to work for “a better integration of ecosystems and biodiversity in water sector activities”.

At the 9th World Water Forum, which will be held in Dakar, Senegal, 21-26 March 2022, dozens of on-the-ground activities which will support the Declaration will be presented.


Read the Declaration

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Contacts :

World Water Council: Catherine Lagarde, / +33 6 12 92 74 00

International Office for Water (OiEau): Sabine Benjamin, / + 33 6 33 89 35 32