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A conference organized by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development


The purpose of the Conference is threefold:

1. To review the global situation and assess the progress as well as the impasses and the failures in the fundamental task of supplying water to the thirsty.

2. To reiterate, once more, the vision of water as a common good, essential for life, and meant for the whole human family, and underscoring the necessity of an approach rooted in responsibility, without neglecting the contributions of spirituality and culture since the spiritual and cultural dimensions of water are key factors of the social fabric
and of the community’s protagonism and therefore these dimensions have to be considered also in the pastoral commitment of the Church.

3. To provide a useful and inspiring contribution to the coming international gatherings and commitments about water.


Conférence documents

Session 1 : Culture and spirituality

Session 2 : An international challenge

Session 3 : Gouvernance and responsability