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The President and the Permanent Technical Secretary of the African Network of Basin Organizations (ANBO) invite you to mark your calendar for the next General Assembly (GA) of this network scheduled in Tunis. 

The program of the next GA will include, among others.

1. Assessing the implementation of the program, and operations of ANBO since the Kigali GA.

2. Discuss technical and institutional issues to define the priority work program and operations of the network with an emphasis on innovation.

3. Provide opportunities for exchange among members, and with partners to strengthen partnership for the management of transboundary waters in Africa.

Official opening ceremony

Présentation du 9e Forum Mondial de l’Eau - Abdoulaye SENE
Discours d'ouverture - Eric Tardieu


Partner Initiatives

Cooperation in International Waters in Africa (CIWA) - Davis Adieno
Renforcement des capacités institutionnelles du Réseau Africain des Organismes de Bassin (RAOB) contribuant à l’amélioration de la gouvernance transfrontalière de l’eau en Afrique - Abdoulaye NDIAYE


Technical Session - Transboundary Groundwater Governance

Groundwater data collection and sharing - Opportunities for Lake and River Basin Organisations in Africa - Arnaud Sterckx
Groundwater in the Limpopo River Basin
Groundwater Governance: The path to sustaining water resources and their benefits in Africa
- Mohamed Bazza
Lead : UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP)


Review of ANBO new statutes

ANBO Financial Options - Daniel Malzbender
Evaluation de la Stratégie décennale 2015-2024 du RAOB et proposition d’une feuille de route pour le plan d’action 2020-2024 - Tanor Dieng
Revue des statuts du RAOB et proposition d’un addendum - Tanor Dieng
Review of ANBO Statutes - Tanor Dieng


Technical Session - Climate Change and Transboundary waters management

Facilitation - Edouard Boinet 
Reporting  - Edouard Boinet

Building the Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water & Climate - Edouard Boinet 
Adaptation du changement climatique dans les bassins transfrontaliers -Experience du Bassin du Niger - Abdou GUERO
L’adaptation au changement climatique dans les bassins transfrontières - Diane Guerrier


Sustainable financing of transboundary waters

Financing session - Edouard Boinet
Financement durable pour la gestion des eaux transfrontalières - Khaoula JAOUI
Sustainable Financing of the TWRM in Africa. Contribution of the African Development Bank - Ossete


Statutory Session

Présentation du Rapport moral - Judith E. A. ENAW


Working groups’ reporting

Report of the working group 2 « Evaluation of ANBO Strategy » - Edouard Boinet
Rapport du groupe de travail sur les options de financement - Rafatou Fofana
Report of the working group 1 "statuts" - Mahamane Dédéou Touré


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