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ADES - French National Data Base on Groundwater - France

The ADES website provides public access to data on groundwater chemical quality and groundwater levels, the mapped results, metadata, and a series of information updates.

Data come from more than 70,000 representative monitoring stations scattered all over the country. These stations measure key components of groundwater quality (qualitometers), and groundwater levels (piezometers).

The ADES data bank gives access to descriptive data sheets for all of the monitoring stations: geographical coordinates, location on a map, station operators (water agencies, local and regional authorities, decentralized state administrative authorities, the French geological survey –BRGM, etc.), measurement frequencies, aquifers monitored, etc.

As a onestop point of access to relevant information, it constitutes an essential tool for optimal management of water resources, and enhances understanding of groundwater changes.

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