EU - DCE – Groupe Stratégique de Coordination et Stratégie Commune de Mise en Œuvre

The aim of this paper is to identify potential synergies in the implementation of both the ‘Floods’ Directive(FD) and Water Framework Directive (WFD). At a meeting of the EU Environment Ministers in Hungary in March 2011, under the discussion on Integrated Management of Extreme Hydrological Events, it was recommended that an integrated approach for the implementation of the FD and WFD should be promoted in order to “maximise synergies”. This document is intended to help promote the achievement of this recommendation, noting that coordination means a two-way process, with input from those responsible for the implementation of both Directives, to achieve the available synergies and mutual benefits. 
Consultation - Deadline : 15 october 2013

Date de mise en ligne : 9 octobre 2013

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