Opening of the website of The "Global Alliances for Water and Climate" to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the water sector
The Global Alliances for Water and Climate - GAfWaC - are opening their website to inform all stakeholders involved in the actions taken to combat the effects of climate change in the water sector.
Created at the COP22 in Marrakech in 2016, the "Global Alliances for Water and Climate - GAfWaC", gather the four "Alliances" of the Basins (Paris Pact), Megacities, Desalination and Business, themselves established at the COP21 in Paris a year earlier. Today, they represent more than 450 organizations around the world, which have committed themselves to mobilize their partners, identify and disseminate good practices and support the development of new projects by field stakeholders involved in adaptation to climate change and in the resilience of the inland freshwater sector.
The "Alliances" website will be a showcase for Water and Climate, including the positive progresses made with the Flagship Projects on water adaptation launched at the COP21 and COP22, such as the Hydrological Information System of the transboundary Congo River, the integrated management of the Hai River in China, the strengthening of the new Mexico Metropolitan Organization for Urban Stormwater Drainage or the “Eco-cuencas” Climate Adapt Cooperation project between European and Andean countries, the Sebou River management in Morocco, the creation of the Water Adapt Training Center in Brasilia, cooperation between the Agglomerations of Paris and Manila, the launching of a Euro-Mediterranean water information platform or the future use of the SWOT satellite for hydrological observations of the earth, among others.
It will report on the activity of GAfWaC Constitutive Alliances, international water and climate events and their conclusions, incentive projects for new approaches and interesting publications on the subject.
It will also promote an "incubator of new projects", to facilitate their funding from the various "Climate Funds", in particular, so that alongside conventional infrastructure projects, better knowledge of resources and impacts of climate change, capacity building, governance, monitoring, policy evaluation or the use of nature-based solutions are better funded.
Of course, it will be enriched by the conclusions of the "Action Day for Water and Climate" which will be officially held on Friday 10 November within the official events of the COP23 in Bonn and will gather all the stakeholders concerned.

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Date of online publication: 30 September 2017
Opening of the website of The "Global Alliances for Water and Climate" to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the water sector

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