Conférence des Nations Unies sur le développement durable Rio + 20

13-22 juin 2012, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)


Side Events


› Forum France RIO+20 Les acteurs français s’engagent, interpellent et se mobilisent

8 juin 2012 Parc de la Villette - Paris

Communiqué du PFE Communiqué du PFE
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Discours de Nicole BRICQ Discours de Nicole BRICQ
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Dossier Dossier
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Plan complet Plan complet
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Pré-programme Pré-programme
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› "Transboundary Waters, Climate Change and Good Governance"

June 14th, 2012
Thematic Focus - Water Security
Transboundary water issues have cross-cutting implications for the aims of Rio+20. This side event will focus on the UNWC as a tool to fill in gaps in the institutional framework for sustainable development, and also as a framework to address water-related impacts from climate change in the context of a green economy.

› Building the safe and sustainable societies of the future

16 june 2012, Rio de Janeiro
Held during the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, this event will offer rich insights and valuable perspectives to people concerned about the future of our planet.

Programme Programme
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› Side event du PFE animé par l’OIEau sur le pavillon de la France et Dialogue sur l’eau à RIO+20

18 juin 2012, Rio de Janeiro
“Les bassins, nouveaux territoires pour une meilleure gestion des ressources en eau”- "The basins, new territories for better water resources management" - “Las cuencas, nuevos territorios para una mejor gestión de los recursos hídricos” - ”As bacias, novos territórios para uma melhor gestão dos recursos hídricos”

Programa e alto-falantes Programa e alto-falantes
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Programme and speakers Programme and speakers
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Programme et intervenants Programme et intervenants
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› Bridging the Gender Gap in Water Resource Management

18th June 2012 - 11:30-13:00
A Gloal Water Partnership event.
This event seeks to influence the Rio outcomes and implementation as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the post 2012 MDGs. It also contributes to the Gender and Sustainable Development RIO+20 commitments. It will facilitate information exchange on gender strategies, actions, and lessons learned, on gender mainstreaming in water resources management throughout the world. The event also seeks to share knowledge and support for the implementation of the African Minister’s Council on Water (AMCOW) gender strategy. We will explore the development of an Africa Network that will support AMCOW and provide a global model to bring these issues forward beyond RIO+20.

Flyer Flyer
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› UN International Year of Water Cooperation and World Water Day 2013

19 june at 19h30
Le Riob invité à s’exprimer lors du UN Water day à RIO+20

Invitation INBO Invitation INBO
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Programme Programme
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› UN Water Day at Rio+20 " Recognizing Progress, Taking Action for the Future We Want"

19 June 2012
Objectives :
  • Demonstrate to the broad range of stakeholders, particularly decision makers, that some of the major challenges facing humanity today relate to water management ; this will be based on findings of the major UN-Water reports.
  • Identify major water issues that connect with the themes of the Rio+20 Conference, particularly its link with the notion of green economy.
  • Focus on the means of implementation, especially the action areas where UN organizations and agencies can act together through UN-Water.
 Le Riob invité à s’exprimer lors du UN Water day à RIO+20

Invitation INBO Invitation INBO
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Programme Programme
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› "Shifting sustainability horizons : Making or Painting the Economy Green"

June 21st, 2012
The side event organized by Green Cross, The Club of Rome and Earth Charter International will see distinguished personalities and experts from the worlds of politics, business and civil society show, on the basis of learnings from the last 20 years, the opportunities and co-benefits from effective action to avert the threats of dangerous climate change and environmental degradation by moving onto a path of truly sustainable development.
Most importantly, the panel will suggest broad lines of priority and action to preserve a stable climate and viable environment by building the new resource-efficient, sustainable societies and economies of the future.

› Evento paralelo sobre Gestão de Bacia

21 de junho das 8h30 as 11h30
 Será realizado um evento paralelo das 08h30 às 11h30, no recinto de eventos do Hotel “Club Mediterranéé” em Angra dos Reis/ RJ com o tema “Participação e Contribuição dos Usuários da Água e Sociedade Civil Organizada no Gerenciamento dos Recursos Hídricos e Meio Ambiente”.
 O evento terá a participação de membros do grupo de 45 representantes da comitiva do Consórcio PCJ e outras participações.