17-19 October 2012, Istanbul (Turkey)


Documents de travail / Working documents


› A Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s Waters

Since the adoption of the Water Framework Directive in 2000, EU water policy has made another step change by taking an integrated approach on the basis of the concept of river basin management aimed at achieving good status of all EU waters by 2015.

2012 Blueprint flyer 2012 Blueprint flyer
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Consultation document Consultation document
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› New Publication "Pricing water resources to finance their sustainable management"

EUWI Finance Working Group - 2012
The cost of managing water resources is increasing due to increased demands from urbanisation, population growth and climatic threats – to name but a few challenges. Financing is not only needed for infrastructure and services, but also for governance, regulation, monitoring, training and capacity building. If we want to manage water sustainably, it costs money.
In addition, the EUWI Finance Working Group together with partners such as GWP, OECD, and UNEP-DHI have prepared various papers and think pieces on this topic to raise awareness and to stimulate discussion among policy-makers and managers in developing countries, as well as officials in development cooperation agencies.

› Public Consultation to Support the Fitness Check of EU Freshwater Policy - Analysis of the Responses

IEEP, Bio Intelligence Service

Repport Repport
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› Support to Fitness Check Water Policy

European Commission – General Directorate Environment

Project Project
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Synthèse Deloitte Synthèse Deloitte
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› Global Water Framework - Marseille 12-17 march 2012

Global Water Framework Global Water Framework
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› European process of the 6th World Water Forum : Summary of the main outputs

Jean-François DONZIER

Synthesis Synthesis
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› 3rd European Water Conference

Brussels, 24 – 25 May 2012

› Attitudes of Europeans towards Water - Related issues

European Commission - Flash Eurobarometer 344

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› Climate change adaptation : The pivotal role of water

United Nations
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Report Report
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› Concept paper on streamlining of monitoring and reporting of monitoring results under the NiD, WFD and SoE

Agnieszka Romanowicz, Ursula Schmedtje, Rob Collins, Luisa Samarelli, Jeroen Casaer, Annemike Smit, Balázs Horváth

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› Etude récente du JRC : La protection des écosystèmes, source de bienfaits pour la société

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› European process of the 6th World Water Forum : Summary of the main outputs

Document Document
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› Fitness Check on Freshwater Policy

Questionnaire Questionnaire
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› Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes
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› La politique agricole commune après 2013

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› Liste des accords multilatéraux dans le domaine de l’environnement

ratification ratification
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› Présentation du projet de « Blueprint pour la sauvegarde des ressources en eau en Europe »

Jacques DELSALLE (Direction générale de l’environnement, Commission européenne)

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› Public Consultation to Support the Fitness Check of EU Freshwater Policy Analysis of the Responses

European Commission

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› Regional climate change and adaptation The Alps facing the challenge of changing water resources

European Environement Agency (EEA)
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EEA Report EEA Report
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EEA Report summary EEA Report summary
(PDF – 4 Mo)

› River basin management in a changing climate


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Guidance document Guidance document
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› Second Follow-up Report to the Communication on water scarcity and droughts in the European Union (COM (2007) 414 final)

Report from the Commission tot the Council and the European Parliament
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Report Report
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› Summary Note of the Discussion of the Blueprint

Extraordinary informal meeting of EU Water Directors 29 March, 2012, Borschette Centre, Brussels

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› Synthèse OIEau-Onema : Politiques européennes de l’agriculture et de l’eau : Quelles convergences ? Quelles incompatibilités ? Cas de la mise en oeuvre en France

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› Verdissement de la PAC - 10 clés pour comprendre

Dans cet e-book, nsont proposés dix clés pour mieux comprendre les enjeux de cette nouvelle réforme de la Pac. Réforme où environnement et agriculture seront étroitement liés.

Le rapport Le rapport
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› Water and water management issues Report on the State of the Alps

Alpine Convention

Report Report
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summary summary
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