16–19 October 2007 - Dongying (China)


Communications / Papers / Comunicaciones /Доклады


› Co-operation in the Tisza River Basin

Kálmán Papp International Co-ordinator of Hungary

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› Ecosystem benefits from-safety operations in river Meuse

P.J. Meesen, E.M. Sies (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, The Netherlands)

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› Euro- INBO: workshop on various European water policies - Why such a workshop in Dongying ?

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› How an ambitious Water Framework Directive* helped a River Basin Agency Solve a conflict ? …Many adjustments had to be explained and discussed

Jacky COTTET & William BOUFFARD (Agence de l’eau rhône méditerranée et corse)

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› Hydro-ecology and river habitats Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive

Emil Janák (Director Győr/Hungary)

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› Implementation of a Water Framework Directive* requires River Basin Agency : support & full involvement

Jacky COTTET & William BOUFFARD (Agence de l’eau rhône méditerranée et corse)

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› International Network of Basin Organization : general objective

Jean François Donzier (International Office for Water)

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› International Network of Basin Organization : Towards a global water crisis ?

Jean François Donzier (International Office for Water)
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› The European Water Framework Directive and sustainable water management

Jose ALBIAC (Agrifood Research and Technology Center Government of Aragón, Spain)

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› Transfer of European Approach of Groundwater Monitoring to China

Yangxiao Zhou PhD (UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Delft, The Netherlands)-

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› TRANSNATIONAL MODELLING for the Coordination of the European Water Framework Directive in International River Basins Districts

J. SMITZ University of Liège, Belgium

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› Using Spatial Decision Support Systems in Integrated River Basin Management: the Elbe River example

Drs. Rob Hermans (Director, RIKS)

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The declaration

Proceedings of the 3rd International Yellow River Forum on Sustainable Water Resources Management and Delta Ecosystem Maintenance