IV Symposium international sur la gestion des eaux transfrontalières

15-18 octobre 2008 - Thessalonique (Grèce)


Communications / Papers / Comunicaciones


› Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal Area

Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Togo

(PDF – 95.8 kb)

› Antarctic sub-glacial lakes and waters. The challenge to protect a hidden resource

Lilian del Castillo-Laborde

(PDF – 1021.2 kb)

› Innovative approaches to monitoring for transboundary water governance

Haseen Khan

(PDF – 873.7 kb)

› International Network of Basin Organizations

(PDF – 4.3 Mb)

› Limnological research on Lake Maggiore as a contribution to transboundary cooperation between Italy and Switzerland

Rosario Mosello, R. Bertoni & P. Guilizzoni

(PDF – 1.6 Mb)

› Monitoring in Shared Waters: Developing a Transboundary Monitoring System for the Prespa Park

M Gletsos, C Perennou

(PDF – 497.9 kb)

› Numerical indexing method of risks of conflicts around the transboundary water resources

enani M.R.

(PDF – 553.4 kb)

› Organization of environmental monitoring in the Caspian sea at national and international levels

Valeria Petrechenkova, Elena Ostrovskaya

(PDF – 1 Mb)

› Potential Climate Changes and Transboundary Water Interdependencies

Evan Vlachos

(PDF – 8.6 Mb)

› Problems of transboundary Water management in Azerbaijan

Islam Mustafayev

(PDF – 2.4 Mb)

› SPI-Water project Recommendations for the transfer of IWRM knowledge to non-EU countries

Katharina Kober

(PDF – 100.6 kb)

› The Challenge of Implementing the WFD Concepts at the Frontiers of Europe for Transboundary/Shared Water Resources Management - The Lake Peipsi /Chuskoye water resources system


(PDF – 1.1 Mb)

› The State of Understanding on Groundwater Recharge for the Sustainable Management of TransboundaryAquifer in the Lake Chad Basin

NGOUNOU NGATCHA Benjamin, MUDRY Jacques, LEDUC Christian

(PDF – 1.6 Mb)

› Transboundarywaters: UNESCO IHP’sContribution to Science and Policy

Shahbaz Khan

(PDF – 1.7 Mb)

› WISE-RTD Web Portal as a tool for sharing water related research information

Th. Vansteenkiste

(PDF – 438.6 kb)